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Good Omens

As with most first attempts, this is an experiment.

Title: The Comforts of Home
Fandom: V for Vendetta
Pairings: Shades of Evey/V; gestures at Finch/Dominic.
Rating: PG-something. I give up.
Notes: I vaguely remember insinuating to tartary_lamb and jennaria that I'd take a crack at Finch/Dominic in the weeks following the film's release. Time passed and passed, however, and although my liking for the film never diminished, I never quite felt like I'd gotten a good enough glimpse at the world or a firm enough grasp on the characters. Then, this weekend, I managed to read the graphic novel over two days at work. I'm not sure what clicked, but something must have. As ever, the characters are not mine, but any errors and indiscretions are.
Summary: You can only stare at the rubble for so long. Somebody's got to put on the kettle.

(The Comforts of Home)
Scully hands

Another Story

Here's a little bit that I did up for a challenge, and then changed my mind about.

It's a one-off, post-Fifth, action/adventure type of thing. Some might have problems with how I resolved some things in the second act. Please comment anyway. I like feedback.

length: approx. 5000 words
rating: PG for violence, swearing
disclaimer: as always, I'm playing around with someone else's material. it's all in good fun and, no, I don't consider these people my property in any way.

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The Anti Anti-Cliche Entry

Though I was delighted by the entries in the f_for_fic's Anti-Cliche Challenge, I couldn't contribute because my mind has been boggled for days with this opus (part one here) that I'm writing.

All of the usual disclaimers apply: these characters aren't mine etc., etc.
This entry is rated PG-13 for language and mature content. (don't worry, NC-17 stuff is coming)
Please leave comments and/or criticisms - every little bit helps.

Here we go. It's full of cliches, by the way.........

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It's a new day, a new user and a new fanfic.

Here's my first foray into fanfiction. Any and all comments would be appreciated. Though heavily influenced by many stories already posted in this community, I don't believe that I have purposely lifted anything. If I have, my apologies, it was not my intention.

For interest sake, "Vicious Cabaret" alluded to in this piece appeared in the original GN, but the majority of this fic. was influenced by the film. Enjoy.

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